Meet DJÉLICA, a music enthusiast rooted in the vibrant Amsterdam music scene of the 1980s. She danced in iconic venues like  ODEON, ROXY, MAZZO, and more, inspired by the grooves of that era. Her dance moves were a unique fusion of spiritual influences from Ruigoord, Zorba de Buddha, Transcendental Meditation, and  later with The Art of Living.

Since 2019, DJÉLICA has dedicated herself to creating a unique music style, influenced by groovy techno, afro house, and organic house. Her music brings dance floors to life in Ibiza, on boats, and at other fantastic locations.

This year, DJÉLICA had the opportunity to cautiously experience the unique atmosphere of Burning Man, where she shared her musical passion. Since 2022, she's not just a DJ but also an emerging music producer. She co-owns TECHNO2B, a platform she helped establish in 2021. With 17 successful events to her name, DJÉLICA showcases her dedication to the music scene and her commitment to promoting emerging talent. During this period, she completed the Pioneer DJ School and the PYNTAGO producer program, which ran from 2019 to 2022.

Furthermore, TECHNO2B is now the resident DJ at the Alkmaarse Gasfabriek and organizes the renowned BLAST events. In addition to BLAST, she collaborates closely with to organize the most unique boat parties under the label DJELICA MUSIC EVENTS, combining her love for music and the sea.